Arizona Paint Supply: Your Destination for Meoded Paints and Plasters

Arizona Paint Supply: Your Destination for Meoded Paints and Plasters

If you’re looking to bring a touch of classical European elegance into your home, look no further than Arizona Paint Supply. We are thrilled to announce that we now carry Meoded paints and plasters, an industry leader known for its eco-friendly products and exclusive, sophisticated finishes.

Embrace the Beauty of Meoded

With a heritage rooted in traditional European finishes, Meoded offers an extensive line of architectural paint and plaster finishes that can infuse any space with unique, one-of-a-kind character. Meoded takes inspiration from classical European traditions, creating dramatic wall finishes that pay homage to the time-tested resilience and beauty of Venetian plaster.

All Meoded decorative paint and plaster products are made in-house under strict VOC guidelines, highlighting their commitment to both the environment and customer health. They're the sole manufacturer of authentic lime-based zero VOC plasters and a unique line of low VOC decorative metallic, glitter, and suede paints.

Their lime-based plasters can be mixed with additives like natural stones and metallic powders, creating textures that add a dynamic, non-static feel to your walls. Their expansive line of decorative paints, including Sapphire Metallic, Crystal Brush glitter paint, and Pearlas Velvet paint, can transform your walls into vibrant spectrums of sparkle and shine.

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Craft your Vision with Arizona Paint Supply

As a carrier of Meoded products, Arizona Paint Supply is more than ready to help you realize your decorative vision. Our experts are on hand to provide superior customer service, expert color matching, and project consultation to ensure you achieve the best finish for your walls.

Meoded's product line also features an array of faux finish products, including primers, top coatings, tools, and wall coverings, making Arizona Paint Supply your one-stop-shop for all your painting needs. Whether you're applying with a paint brush, spray system, or trowel, Meoded products are designed to be user-friendly, allowing you to bring your creative vision to life with ease.

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Join us at Arizona Paint Supply and experience the elegance and sophistication of Meoded paints and plasters. We're here to help you create a living space that is timeless, unique, and a true work of art.

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