Painter Services

Contractor Rewards

When you sign up for Contractor Rewards you earn points towards thousands of awesome rewards. Once you sign up we can set you up in our POS so your rewards are tracked automatically. You can download the Contractor Rewards app on the App Store or Google Play

We help you find the right product for the job

Painting stucco and painting cabinets have different requirements right? What if we told you that you don't have to strip those cabinets down to bare wood and you could dramatically reduce your labor costs on a cabinet job? What if we could save you as much as half of what you would have bought in materials on a new stucco job by recommending the right product? Would you be interested? We have had numerous jobs where we have done that. We would like to do that for you.

Benjamin Moore Painter

We refer our loyal painters

Once we have established a relationship and have verified the quality of your craftsmanship we can add you to our list of preferred painters. Those who share their work with us have the ability to be put in front of 900+ followers on Instagram. Our painters stay busy, many without a marketing budget.

Pro Pricing

Painters and Contractors receive special pricing for paint and select sundries. Contact us for more information.

Business Development

We want to help you grow your business. We can help you bid jobs so you can make money. We can help you save labor costs by saving time.

We help you switch

If you're used to using Sherwin Williams or Dunn-Edwards we can help you find the best cross over product for your job.