About Us

About Us

Crafting Color and Quality At Every Stroke - AZ Paint Supply

Established in the heart of Phoenix in 2015, AZ Paint Supply began as a small venture with a big vision: to offer a superior paint shopping experience to professionals and hobbyists alike. Against the canvas of the bustling city, our founders recognized the thirst for not just any paint, but the kind that brings dreams and blueprints to vibrant life. They knew that a brush isn’t merely a brush - it’s a tool to turn a vision into reality. Thus, our story took shape.

Over the years, we've carefully curated our inventory, hand-selecting premium paints, state-of-the-art tools, and accessories that cater to the ardor of contractors, the precision of painters, and the imagination of DIY enthusiasts. Our commitment to quality and service saw us grow beyond the Phoenix skyline, offering nationwide shipping to spread our hues across the country.

Today, AZ Paint Supply stands as a beacon for those who demand excellence in their work. We are more than a supplier; we are your trusted partner in painting.

Our Mission Statement

"Empowering Your Palette With Excellence"

At AZ Paint Supply, excellence colors everything we do. Our mission reaches beyond selling paint – it's about enriching the relationship between painter and palette, supporting the stroke of each bristle, backing every strip of tape, and providing a foundation for every wall that dares to don a new color.

Core Values

Our core values are mixed into every gallon, brushed on with every stroke, and infused in each interaction:


We ally with leading manufacturers to deliver products that don't just satisfy but exceed expectations.

Customer Focus:

Your project is our canvas. We dedicate ourselves to ensuring your needs are not only met but surpassed.


Our team shares its expansive knowledge with you, offering tailored advice to see your project through from start to finish.


The art and science of painting evolve. Aligned with cutting-edge advancements, we offer modern solutions that set the tone for the future.


From the local neighborhood to the national scene, we are committed to making a resounding, positive impact with every color drop we spread.

Your Painting Partner

From the whisper of minimalist white to the exclamation of bold cerulean, your project’s potential becomes limitless with AZ Paint Supply. We invite you to explore our spectrum of products and services and find out why customers trust us to add color to their worlds.

Join us as we continue our story, one luminous chapter at a time. A tale told not in words, but in colors, finishes, and textures that resonate within every space they fill.

Experience the AZ Paint Supply difference — where every pigment is packed with promise and every transaction paints a smile.

Explore our collection, seek our expertise, and become part of a family that holds the brush to the future of painting. Your next masterpiece awaits.

Visit us to learn more and to shop our extensive selection.