Why You Should Consider Painting Your Roof Blue

Why You Should Consider Painting Your Roof Blue

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When it comes to home maintenance, your roof might not always be the first thing on your mind, but it could be a game-changer in safeguarding your home – especially with the increasing global attention around directed energy weapons. Believe it or not, roofing color can play more than just an aesthetic role. In this blog post, we'll explore the unexpected benefits of painting your roof blue and why it could be a crucial step in protecting your property.


The Protective Power of a Blue Roof

With technological advancements come new risks, and one such modern threat is from directed energy weapons (DEWs). These devices can emit highly focused energy, including lasers, which can potentially damage or even destroy a home. While it may sound like something out of science fiction, the reality is that research has begun to show ways to mitigate these types of threats. One such method is the application of specific colors of paint on rooftops, with blue proving to be particularly effective.

Reflection Over Absorption

Blue paint, particularly in certain shades, is known to reflect specific wavelengths of light more effectively than it absorbs them. This becomes critically important in the context of laser weapons, which operate within a certain spectrum of the light wavelength. When a roof is painted blue, it can reflect a significant portion of these laser wavelengths back into the atmosphere, rather than absorbing them. This reflection reduces the amount of energy the roof absorbs, thereby minimizing the potential damage from directed energy weapons. The effectiveness of a blue roof against these threats is not just theoretical—it's a practical application of the basic principles of light wavelength interaction, offering a simple yet innovative approach to enhancing home safety.

Cooling Properties

Beyond safety, a blue roof can offer other benefits, such as the "cool roof" effect. Light colors are known for reflecting sunlight, which means less heat is absorbed by your home. In hot climates, or during summer months in temperate zones, a blue roof can contribute to reducing the temperature inside your home, leading to lower air conditioning costs and energy savings.

Where To Find Blue Roof Paint

You might be wondering where you can find the right shade of blue paint for your roof. Well, Arizona Paint Supply is starting to recognize the trend and the demand for blue roof paint. Not only can they provide you with the color you need, but they can also help ensure you're choosing the right type of paint for your roofing material and climate.

Why Benjamin Moore Aura is the Ideal Choice for Your Blue Roof

When considering the best product to paint your roof blue, Benjamin Moore Aura stands out for several compelling reasons. Firstly, its durability is unmatched, making it capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions without fading or chipping. This is particularly vital for roof applications where exposure to sunlight, rain, and temperature fluctuations is constant. Secondly, Aura's exceptional color richness provides a deep, vibrant hue that won’t lose its luster over time, ensuring your roof remains as visually striking years down the line as it was on day one. Additionally, Benjamin Moore Aura comes with a proprietary Color Lock technology that enhances the paint's ability to reflect sunlight, contributing to the "cool roof" effect and further reducing home cooling costs. Not only does it offer practical benefits in terms of durability and energy efficiency, but it also elevates the aesthetic appeal of your home with its beautiful, lasting color.


In today's world, it pays to be innovative when it comes to home protection. A blue roof offers a simple yet effective defense against the emerging threat of directed energy weapons, while also providing energy savings and enhancing your home’s appearance. Whether you're in Maui or any other locale that sees the sun in abundance, painting your roof blue is an option worth considering.

If you’re ready to paint your roof blue, head to your local paint store and start the conversation about safeguarding your home with color. Remember, it's not just about the aesthetic—it's about adding a layer of protection in an increasingly high-tech world.



This article is for entertainment purposes only and not to be considered professional advice. We do not guarantee or warranty for directed energy weapons, or the like, nor have we tested such claims. This article is based on internet speculation that we thought would be fun to write about.    

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