Supply Chain Crisis

Thank you for choosing Arizona Paint Supply for your painting needs. We understand that these times can cause frustration in your home improvement process. The building industry as a whole has seen a dramatic increase in shortages of products. On top of that the record inflation has made it that every week products have gone up in price. Please note that we do our best to update the website often so that the website reflects what you see in the store. Though we keep large amounts of inventory to ensure our ability to fulfill orders due to the volume of product that can go through a single transaction we can not guarantee availability. 

Here is our commitment to you:

  1. Any online orders placed will not be charged until inventory has been verified 
  2. If a product is out of stock we will call you to inform you in that time we will call you to give you the option on how to proceed:
    1. Delayed fulfillment- if product is in a distribution center and can arrive at an acceptable time for you we will proceed with the order and notify you when it is ready for pick up.
    2. Substitution- If a product is unavailable we will suggest product options that will work for your goals. Substitutions are subject to  pricing adjustments. 
    3. Partial Fulfillment- We will only fulfill the order with products in stock and will only be charged for those items. 
    4. Canceled Order- We will cancel the order and your card will not be charged.