Experience Unmatchable Luxury With Benjamin Moore Paint

At Arizona Paint Supply, we believe that no one does color like Benjamin Moore. Whether you're looking for a subtle shift in shades or something dramatic for the perfect statement-making impact, our extensive range of unmatchable colors is sure to bring your home or office to life. Our superior quality products make it easy to create an atmosphere that's uniquely yours. Let Benjamin Moore help you express your true vision and bring your space alive with color!

Unmatched Color with Gennex Colorant

Experience luxury with Benjamin Moore Paint. Our paint uses a proprietary Gennex Colorant that creates an unmatchable experience. Our colorant technology helps to create vibrant and bold colors that are unmatched by any other paint. This colorant is combined with proprietary resins to create a durable finish that will last for years.


Not only does Gennex Colorant give Benjamin Moore unmatchable colors but it also gives our paint better hide in deeper colors, as shown below. It will reinforce the paint giving the same durability regardless of color, while other colorants weaken paint.

Benjamin Moore Ben vs Sherwin-Williams Cashmere hide comparison

A More Refined Titanium for a Brighter White

Benjamin Moore Paint features the most refined titanium dioxide among the major paint brands that helps to create a brighter white base. When you match our whites in a competitor's product you get dull, dreary whites, often green. As you can see below Simply White made in the competition is simply not Simply White. 

Benjamin Moore Simply White Unmatchable


Benjamin Moore Color Formulas

Every paint takes colorant differently, because of that every Benjamin Moore product has a unique formula so you always get the true Benjamin Moore color. In contrast some manufacturers have the same formula for every product, so not only are you not going to get a Benjamin Moore color, depending on the product you may not get the manufacturer's color. 

Durable Finish

The combination of Gennex Colorant and proprietary resins provides a durable finish that will last for years. Benjamin Moore Paint is designed to be highly durable, able to withstand wear and tear, and still maintain its beautiful color and finish. This durable finish makes it perfect for any room, providing you with a luxurious look for years.

So if your home is ready for a refresh stop byemail, or give us a call and see why  Benjamin Moore is the premier US paint brand. 

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